📚 Inspired by this C++ Reddit post.

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I think everyone knows this saying:

Just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should

I am not telling you that this is not a good life advice. In certain situations, you can definitely do more harm than good with your actions. It also holds back creativity and I am definitely against that. So my advice is:

Enable creativity mode now

This includes emojis. Inspired by this C++ Reddit post, I decided to use emoji more often in my programming tasks.

One source of inspiration for my Emoji journey is Emojipedia. I found it very handy while working on a research project which translated the emojis into their semantic correspondence (i.e. meaning).

I am currently writing some ML algorithms in PyTorch and I was missing a session tracker and logger. That is why I decided to write my own and I included a bit of fun in it. This is how Emoji logging was born:

Loading word vectors: 67% 🚄 0.0001 #/s ⌛ 00:00:13
📅 0 📉 1.4835 🎯 0.5224 🔨 4% 🚄 2.32 b/s ⌛ 00:12:12 🏁 2 days, 16:19:12

Looks great. I know this should be like a good joke:

If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

Some people do explain the jokes for teaching purpose.

Emoji logging vocabulary

🚄 - bullet train –> speed

⌛ - hourglass –> remaining time

📅 - calendar –> epoch or iteration

📉 - chart decreasing –> signal loss

🎯 - direct hit –> accuracy

🔨 - hammer –> progress

🏁 - chequered flag –> time to finish


I think this makes the logging more compact, but the interpretation may vary across individuals and cultures.

What is your emoji story?