Nvidia Docker

A random rant

Nvidia made the great technical decision to add GPU support to Docker images. This is all great, but in practice it creates a whole new set of problems. I am trying to explain my configuration, my issues and offer a possible solution.

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Open Source in academia

An open letter addressed to Ubuntu Podcast presenters

I am a big fan of the Ubuntu Podcast and on their last show (Possessive Open Chicken) they made a strong statement regarding the open source in education: you don’t need to do more to convince students to do adopt Open Source, as they will do it if more companies will do that.

I (surprisingly) disagree.

After writing a long e-mail to them, I decided to do the whole thing as an open letter. This is the result …

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(Updated) This is how it all starts ...

This is how it all (re-)starts…

A while ago, I decided that it was time to blog again. Share my thoughts across the world. Great news! Alina wants to do the same, so we decided that Roboslang should be revived once more. We have a short chat about the topics and we are off … This was 1 year ago.

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